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Beamtup videography taylor

Photography by WonderMaker Co.

A b o u t BeamtUp

My love for recording actually started with Snapchat. I loathed all social media for years, turning up my nose to all the Facebook references and got so tired of hearing the words "Instagram" and "Twitter". One day I finally cracked and decided to download Snapchat and give it a try. I fell in love with it, and the concept of sharing for anyone online to see. Then someone suggested I try putting videos on YouTube.

This is where my passion for video was truly realized. As a kid I had made costumes for my younger siblings and used the family video camera to make little movies, I even tried to make a short film where I was the only character. Playing more than one person. At the same time. I hope that footage is  -never- found! 

It's really been the most consistent thing I've been into throughout my life, even more than -Batman-. It just took 26 years for me to figure it out! During March of 2017 (the exact date escapes me, there was beer involved!), the idea for BeamtUp was born. On April 10th, 2017, the first episode was publicly posted. The channel really didn't have any direction for quite a while, I simply threw things at the wall to see what stuck, but I knew that I just loved making videos. From the shooting, to the editing, to the finished product. 

Then I realized that I wanted to make BeamtUp into a business. 

Here that is. 

About The Name

BeamtUp was originally supposed to be a YouTube channel, with no real purpose in mind other than having a very light Star Trek theme. As 

time went by its purpose evolved into a vlogging channel touching on various topics with the occasional pointless humor thrown in for good 

measure. Then came the "Decks In The Park" video. It was after that project that I realized that along with my passionate love for electronic 

music, I loved putting together montages for cool and fun events or trips. That's when I started thinking about BeamtUp as a business, filming 

events as small as birthday parties, to as big as music festivals in huge public parks. With the ability to shoot aerial footage, full HD video, even 4K 360 degree video, BeamtUp is well-equipped for many filming occasions. 

My philosophy for clients regardless of size is "Always win/win." When discussing pricing, what the client wants from me, what I want from the

client, and specific things they want emphasized or focused on, I believe that if I maintain an up-front, transparent, collaborative mindset,

both I and the person/organization I'm working with will -always- be satisfied.


There's nothing more fulfilling to me than hitting "publish" on a

project that both I and the other party it's for are totally happy with, and I will strive every single time to make sure that is -always- the case. 

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