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Your free 30 seconds of "Check THIS out" awaits.

   You will get a FREE 30 second video from BeamtUp.

  That's it. No "if's". No catch.

No commitment. Although it would be nice if while posting it online, you mention who made it. ;)

Half a minute of a free example of what your video could look like from footage you already have, or if you're in the DFW area in Texas, even footage BeamtUp records.**

We've all seen the Facebook ads. The YouTube ads (before we swipe on and avoid them), asking you to buy something without giving you anything first. BeamtUp reverses that.

Use this opportunity for whatever you want. If you're a band, that 30 seconds could be used for a commercial you can then post on any social media that suits you. If you're a vlogger, use that 30 seconds to create a sizzle reel to put as an introduction on your channel. If you're a small business, it could be video-format advertisement for any platform you wish.

For BeamtUp's protection, a small watermark with the BeamtUp logo will appear in the bottom left corner of your 30 second video. Otherwise, it would be far too easy to abuse this gift, and steal the work.

Use this to send your videos, photos, snaps or any other saved media for your free 30-second video.

Obviously no nudity, k-thanks.

The free 30 second gift does not apply to you if you are under 18.

**this depends on BeamtUp's availability, and yours.

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